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Assessment Quiz

Use the answers below to identify which Consultation service is best for you and your project!

Stage A - Brainstorming


  • Just starting with only ideas (Idea Consultation)


  • Have a broadly written plan, but with no timeline or numbers (Idea Consultation)


Stage B – The First Steps


  • Have a written Business plan that needs work (Action Consultation)


  • Project is about to launch (Action Consultation)


Stage C – Adjusting Project’s Aim


  • Project is underway, but is not meeting original goals (Result Consultation)


  • Project has launched and running smoothly, but needs to be taken to the next level (Result Consultation)

Not Really


  • Still brainstorming (Idea Consultation)



  • I have an idea, but haven’t pinned down the details (Action Consultation)



  • My project is set in its audience and goals; but is open to consider other markets and to redefining goals. (Results Consultation)

Just Starting


  • No, none of these yet (Idea Consultation)


Getting Things Together  

  • Have a couple of these, but not all (Action Consultation)

Ready To Utilize 

  • Have all or most of these (Results Consultation)

Based on your answers, which consultation best suits your needs?

Thank you for taking the assessment quiz! We look forward to working with you soon. Book today to get started!

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